Organizations We Support

We encourage you to consider joining the following organizations to support our cause for a better America...

Cultivate KC

Cultivate KC grows food, farms, and community in support of a sustainable and healthy local food system for all.

Kansas City Food Circle

The Kansas City Food Circleâ„¢ connects the people of KC with sustainable farmers who produce local and organic food.

KC Healthy Kids

KC Healthy Kids rallies the people in our communities to improve access to affordable fresh food and safe places to walk and play.

The Kansas City Food Hub

The farmer-owned and farmer-run cooperative of twenty small and medium-sized farms improves the economic viability of sustainable local agriculture by coordinating year-round production, by supporting emerging growers, by aggregating the distribution of product, and by bringing farmers and buyers together in a community that benefits all.

KC Farm School at Gibbs Road

KC Farm School at Gibbs Road empowers individuals through on-farm hands-on experiences and vocational education connecting them to the land and soil, food, themselves and their communities.

Kansas Rural Center

Since 1979, the Kansas Rural Center has worked to advance a diversified food and farming system that is ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just.